The Spirit of God is present with all people.
This is the best possible news.

The Spirit of God is the part of God present with each person—not a being separate from God.

Jesus was a great teacher inspired by the divine Spirit of God with him—not a divine being who became man.

Jesus taught that the Spirit of God is with all people.

The authentic teachings of Jesus are recognizable in his parables and preachings described in the Gospels of Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Confirming evidence of the Gospel of the Spirit of God With All People exists in the recognition of the spiritual growth of good people, the perseverance of good people in difficult times, and the awareness of a close divine presence felt by many people.

The Spirit of God seeks a personal relationship with people of all faiths, all races, all cultures, all ages, and all sexual orientations.

The Spirit of God seeks a personal relationship with all people—those who recognize the presence of Spirit of God and those who do not, those who are religious and those who are not.

Parallels between the principles of science and of religion help to confirm the non-orthodox gospel of the Spirit of God With All People.

We need not be concerned about personal salvation—the Spirit of God sustains all people. We need not wait for a divine-redeemer to come at an end-of-times to defeat a fictitious devil. The Spirit of God present with all people can provide the power and opportunity now to attack very real problems such as poverty, hunger, disease, injustice, prejudice, isolation, and pollution.

Jesus presented his Gospel of the Spirit of God With All People in three parts (1) seeking a personal relationship with the Spirit of God, (2) growing spiritually through the blessings of the Spirit of God, and (3) serving humanity and the environment through the support provided by the Spirit of God.

The Gospel of the Spirit of God does not lead to a new religion, but to an active relationship with God in the Kingdom of God embracing all people.

This book serves a single purpose—to encourage all people to recognize the presence of the Spirit of God with them as proclaimed by Jesus.

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The Organization of The Spirit of God with All People,
Recognizing the Non-Orthodox Gospel of Jesus